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Google has passed through the stage of being an Internet phenomenon and has become a ridiculously popular and omnipresent feature of the online experience for countless millions of people. Where there is a product of such supreme popularity, there is an audience, and there is a market, and so it goes without saying that there are many people eager to exploit Google's popularity for financial benefit.

The simplest way of making money through Google is to use their advertising programme Adsense. Simply sign up your blog or website to the programme, and add Adsense codes for banners, buttons and skyscrapers to your page. Advertisements relevant to your website's content will be displayed, and you will earn a share of Google's money every time someone visits your site and clicks on one of the advertisement. 

There are many places online where you can post some content and then earn a certain amount of advertising revenue from the host every time someone clicks through to view your work. Obvious examples are Helium itself, as well as places like Associated Content, Bukisa, Suite 101 and even that hoary old classic, Epinions.com. While a certain amount of traffic tends to be generated internally by other members of the site,