Genesort - is in the forefront of the medical field.
​​​Their Product is: ​Diagnostic Clinical-Grade Next Generation Sequencing Labs​​.​
In one hand it is a company with High knowledge and Intellectual Properties, on the other hand
 their product
​s are 
ready to market, and 
​they ​
offer to Establish and to run Lab/Labs
based on a commercial business model and potential.
Genesort is looking for Local Business Partner (LBP).

Diagsense - Develop Software that Analyze Big Data of Industrial Systems, provided by Sensor Systems.
Product Main Features:
- Product market - B2B.
- Suitable for varied and complex Industrial Systems.
  For example, vehicles and transportation systems, pipelines, complex industries, etc.
- The system analyzes the data, "indifferent" to the type and nature of the data:
Method of operation of the system;
- Studying the data Routines.
- Weighs the Routines from the various sensors.
- Provides alerts on Routines changes.
- Analysis of data in real time.
- Trend change alerts in order to identify problems before they appear.
- The Software can be use on the network, cloud or within the organization.
- Business model - Selling licenses to use the software.
The company is looking to raise capital: To Complete the development & for Marketing.

ConfidentialTele.com - a Supplier of
Secured & Confidential Phone Communication.
ConfidentialTele.com System - P
rovides a 
nd Secure 
 for both 
obiles (on the go) and 
hones devices
 (in office or at home)
managed by private advanced secure telephony switch server.
The Confidential-GATWAY server provides transparent secure call routing between Confidential-Mobile devices and/or Confidential-Phone devices.
It is supplied 
​also ​
​ ​
Smart Phones (the known Chinese Brand) & 
It has already a big success

Ecobio - 
is a ready to sell, unique, patented product​.
Ecobio is 
It is unique product, as it 
​is ​
based on Peroxide Hydrogen (H2O2) which is well Known as best cleaning liquid material. Unfortunately, this Liquid lose it concentration after 3 days of opening the bottle. The Ecobio Patent is making stabilization of H2O2 for 3 years.
By adding Acetic Acid we create few formulas. That liquid is "green" and can be used in difference markets. One of those markets is disinfection of hospitals & medical equipment & Clinique's.

More about Ecobio Disinfection Liquid
- Liquid oxygen cleaning and purifying disinfection
- Best cleaning for hospitals, swimming pools, agriculture, purifying water .
- Price depends on concentration and application.
- Chlorine is much more troublesome to the eyes creating irritation whereas Ecobio does not create any irritation or corrosion.
- Medical uses :Hospitals / operation rooms / medical equipment /clinics /……  
- Selling in Germany ,Algeria ,Russia and other countries.
- It is successful against SARS, crazy cow disease.

Accelmed AGP
Accelmed AGP - a Venture Capital, that create medical field.
They Have a large Portfolio with Various Companies. you can see the Portfolio details in their website.
They are looking for Investment to their Fund.

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