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Israel - Startup Nation

Why ?

The Reasons why Israel is the Startup Nation


Population:     8,547,000 People. (Year 2016)

Size: Israel approximately 20,770 sq km, (Map)

        China is approximately 9,596,960 sq km  (462 Times)

Startups: 5262 (Known & Registered). (List)

Accelerators:  69

Incubators:     55

Venture Capitals: 294

Private Equities: 35

Academic Institutions: 9 + 49 Colleges

Israel - The Startup Nation - Main Reasons
1. Conditions
2. Education
3. Culture & Behavior
4. Approach & Actions
5. Eco System & Environment
6. Results

1. Conditions
1. Young Country with Lack of Resources.
2. Country of Immigrants.
3. Isolated from Neighbor Countries and need to struggle and to find solutions in order to survive.
4. Military Solutions Implemented in the Private Markets.
5. Young People/Soldiers in the Army with a lot of responsibility.
6. Struggling with Challenging Situations in order to survive.
7. 2000 Years of Exile and the Diaspora.
8. The very Jewish Conservative Religious people believe that to Be a Jewish is the main goal and more important and the Country should not be exist. They Believe in using Our (Jewish) Brain and rely on it !

2. Education
The “Jewish Mother” Want and Expect here kids to be at least Doctors, or Lawyer, or maybe now, to be a High-Tech entrepreneur (Not Sure).

3. Culture & Behavior
Non Conformism, Arguing, “Chutzpah..”

4. Approach & Actions 
1.   Improvisation. Not planning to the End, Leave some solution for later, 
      Handling “On the Go”.
2.   Creativity & Origination.
3.   Initiation & Pushing.
4.   Resourcefulness.
5.   Dreaming.
6.   Freedom to Think and to express your Thinking & Opinion.
7.   Thinking “Out of the Box”.
* Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is,
   doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.
8.   Asking Questions.
9.   Want to Change the World. (“Tikun Olam”). 
10. Not for Money. 
11. Challenging the Authorities. “Breaking” Rules & Norms.
      1. As Students.
      2. In the Army.
      3. At work.
      4. Everywhere.
12. It is OK to fail. 
13. it is OK to do mistakes. You will receive another chance.

5. Ecosystem & Environment 
1. Public Incentives - Governmental and public guidance, encouragement and investments.
2. Academic Research.
3. Academic Companies in order commercialize the Academic R&D & IP.
4. Accelerators.
5. Incubators.
6. Public Funds & Public Initiatives Plans.
7. Supporting & encouraging community.

6. As a Result
1. Appreciation & Recognition by Countries in the World and Leading High Tech and other Companies in the World.
2. Existing of Funds & Foreign Funds, Venture Capitals, Angels and other financial resources in Israel.
3. Development Centers of Large & Leading Companies Established in Israel, as:
    Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Paypal and many more.

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