About Us

Planet Far East - was established to be a Bridge between China to Israel

Planet Far East - is a leading company, Profession and Specialize in 
China Business activities. With more than 20 years of experience.

Our Vision is to be a One Stop Shop and to 
Supply all the Needs and Requirements for Israeli 
Companies, in China,
as well as in other countries in the Far East.

Guanxi (关系), Being Connected, is our approach.

Our activity focus in supporting and assisting to Israeli Businesses that are interested to develop or to increase their activities in China.

We have extensive experience of over 20 years in China: manufacturing, international trade (import from China), partnerships and more.

The main fields that we are dealing with and specialize in are:

1. Assisting Israeli innovation and technology companies to reach the Chinese markets and to Chinese investors. 
        Range of activities includes:
- In the field of Agriculture.
- The medical field.
- In computers, such as: analyzing Big Data industry, encrypted communications, and cyber.
- Environmental matters, such as renewable energy, water purification etc..
- Smart City.

2. Assisting Israeli traditional manufacturing companies, to penetrate to the Chinese markets and to sell in China.
- Performing feasibility studies and market surveys.
- Opening local offices and representatives of Israeli companies in China.
- Finding local partners, such as distributors and others. Connect between Israeli and Chinese entities.
- Finding and building a local manufacturing in China for Israeli companies.

3. Import Services from China.
- Sourcing
- Quality Control
- Logistic
- Forwarding & Shipping
- Exhibitions
- Business Delegations
- Translating

In our experience, this utility can transform the prospects of any company to succeed in China.
We are faced in many projects and initiatives stranded and often a slight change in the initial approach or work plan, with realistic expectations and willingness could become worth.
We understand the culture in China, the differences and the gap between, East & West, and we have all the abilities and skills to close that Gap.
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