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The Agricultural Division
The Agricultural Innovation and Advanced Technologies Division
Leading by: Eytan Ezion

Planet Far East - Agricultural Division Delivers Innovation and Advanced Technologies in Agriculture, Worldwide. 

Planet Far East - Agricultural Division is Leading by Mr. Eytan Ezion, with extensive experience of many years and in many countries, in establishing agricultural projects, water technologies, irrigation and fertilizing systems, growing of fruits, Vegetables and Livestock.

Vision & Mission
Planet Far East - Agricultural Division was 
established in order to 
Implement Innovation & Advanced Agricultural Technologies, 
in order to:
  1.  Increase Yield from the same resources.  
  2.  Improve Quality of Production.
  3.  Consider and Protect the Environment.
  4.  Efficient use of Natural resources: Land, Water, Sun, Weather, etc.

Fields of Activities
1.  Greenhouses - Growing Fruits & Vegetables in Advanced Greenhouses and Extensive Agriculture.
2.  Growing Fruits & Vegetables in Open Fields.
3.  Water Systems - Irrigation and Fertilizing Systems, Recycling And Improvement Water, Water Treatment and Purifying Water.
4.  Livestock - Cowsheds and other Livestock.
5.  Agricultural Tourism.
6. Courses, Training and Lectures of Local Staff in the China as well as in other countries, in wide range of agricultural topics and fields..
7. Courses, Training and Lectures of Chinese Groups and Individuals in Israel in wide range of agricultural topics and fields.

1.  Irrigation and Fertilizing Systems
     Using Advanced Irrigation and Fertilizing Systems.
2.  Sensors
     Collecting Data via Advanced Sensors
3.  Aerospace Systems
     Collecting Data via Existing Aerospace systems without Sensors.
4.  Plants Protection
     Preventing and dealing with plant diseases, pests, etc.
5.  Agronomic Support 
6.  Computers Automated and Control Systems 
     Using Computerized analyzing, Networks Cellular & Satellites, Clouds Systems, Controllers, etc.

1.  Research and collecting Information.
2.  Planning the Projects.
3.  Implementation and Building the Projects.
       3.1 Implementation in Existing Projects.
       3.2 Establishing new Projects.
4.  Maintenance and After sales Services.
5.  Consulting, Advising & Training Local Staff.
       5.1 In Israel.
       5.2 In the Destination Countries.

Implementation Process
1.   Collecting Information from the Local Staff as well as big data from: Sensors, Aerospace systems, Weather Stations, Universities, Research Institutions, etc.
2.  Sending the Information through the Internet networks, Cellular Networks, Satellites to computerized systems, Servers & Cloud.
3.  Analyzing the Data.
4.  Planning the Project.
5.  Funding the Project.
6.  Establishing the Projects.
7.  After sales service and support, training,in Israel and in the Destination Country.

Professional Team
1. Betsalel Ohana - CEO
2. Avi Huberman - Senior Partner
3. Eytan Ezion - Head of Agricultural Division.
4. Yair Eshel - Engineer
5. Alex Gorsky - Marketing Manager 

Planet Far East - Team

More about Planet Far East:

Planet Far East a leading Company, Profession and Specialize in China Business activities, with extensive experience of over 25 years in China: manufacturing, international trade (imports from China), partnerships and more.

Our Vision is to Be a One Stop Shop and to 
Supply all the Needs and Requirements of Israeli 
Companies in China, 
as well as in other countries in the Far East.

Guanxi (关系), being connected, is our approach.

Our activity focus in supporting and assisting to Israeli Businesses that are interested to develop or to increase their activities in China.

Main Services:
1. Assisting Israeli innovation and technology companies to reach the Chinese markets and to Chinese investors. 
2. Assisting Israeli traditional manufacturing companies, to penetrate to the chinese markets and to sell in China.

3. Import Services from China.
Sourcing, Quality Control, Logistic, Forwarding & Shipping, Exhibitions, Business Delegations, Translating.
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